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International Dating & Marriage Agency Romantica

7227 North 16th Street, Suite 240
Phoenix, AZ 85020
(602) 553-8178
fax (602) 468-1119
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Attention Maryland Clients

     The State of Maryland has chosen to enact legislation that requires you to submit proof of your "criminal history record information" prior to you exchanging contact information with any of the women listed on this site (as well as others featuring International Introductions). This is a law that went into effect as of October 2010 for anyone residing in the State of Maryland.

     Under the law you are still permitted to use the Express Mail system to correspond with the women as usual, however if you wish to obtain their personal contact information you are now required to obtain a "criminal history record information" that shows your criminal history (or lack there of).

     You are also still able to attend any of the Romance tours, you will simply have to supply us with the State Police report so we can have it translated and give it to the women that you will meet.

     The following are services that you can still use without doing anything further:

  • Express Mail
  • Phone Translation
  • Gift Delivery Service

     The following are services that, due to the law, you now need to submit a State Police report prior to us providing the service:

  • Virtual Mail
  • Individual and group tours
  • One on one introductions

     We understand that the vast majority of you do not have criminal background issues, and that this is a major inconvenience for you, at least those of you that would like to use the services that requires the submission of the criminal history record information. Please keep in mind that we did not initiate this law and if you are upset with the legislation please contact your lawmakers and let them know how you feel.

     If you have questions or need clarification please contact us at (602) 553-8178