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International Dating & Marriage Agency Romantica

7227 North 16th Street, Suite 240
Phoenix, AZ 85020
(602) 553-8178
fax (602) 468-1119
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About Perm

Perm River Kamskaya hydro-electric power station began operating in the fifties (in the 1950 s).
The TV station was built in 1958.At the end of the 18th century the most popular Perm product was salt which was extracted in the Perm Province, in Usolye and Solikamsk.It is said that at the Perm wharf dockes carried this "white gold" in enormous sacks on their backs,and their ears were often covered with salt.
That is the explanation of the origin of the saying "permyak (Perm dweleer) - salty ears". Quite a few names are bound up with our city.Let's remember some of them.
Perm Kremlin The famous German naturalist A.Gumboldt, who visited Perm in coordinates while standing at the rotunda in the Out-of-Town Garden.P.P.Vereshchagin (1834-1886), the first landscape painter in the Urals, was born in Perm and spent his childhood here. The noted propagandist of Rissian art and Maecenas S.P.Diaghilev (1872-1929) was a graduate of the Perm Classical Education Gymnasia .The outstanding writer A.Gaidar (1904-1941) was on the editorial board of the local newspaper "Zvezda" (Star) in 1922-1927.The writer Ye.A.Permyak (1902-1982) was born in Perm , graduated from Perm University.
Perm Monument During the Great Patriotic War the following prominent cultural workers lived and worked in Perm: the writer V.A.Kaverin(who was writing his novel " The Two Captains" at that time ), the painter B.V.Ioganson, the ballerina G.S.Ulanova,the composer A.I.Khachaturyan (who wrote the score of the ballet "Gayane" while in Perm).
The pilot-cosmonaut V.Savinykh graduated from the Perm Railway Transport Technical School.The popular composer Ye.Krylatov is a graduate of Perm College of Music.

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